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You'll find out everything you need to know about collecting your vehicle here:

What documentation do I need to bring when I collect my vehicle?
When collecting your vehicle you must bring the following:
  • Your full and valid UK Photocard driving licence. (If you do not have a Photocard Licence a Photo ID is also required.)
  • Your driving licence 'Check Code' (see below). - This must be printed out and supplied with your licence.
  • Your UK National Insurance number.
  • Your approved second form of identification (see below).
  • Your valid credit or debit card.

Identification - showing the drivers name and address.
You are required to supply identification when hiring a vehicle. Alongside your driving licence we require one additional identification document which is dated within the past 60 days which shows your name and your current home address. Acceptable forms of identification are:
  • Utility Bill. - Not Mobile Phone.
  • Bank Statement.
  • Credit Card Statement.
If one of the above is unavailable, two of the following documents are acceptable:
  • Council Tax Bill - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Local Council rent agreement / Rent Book - must be valid on the day of hire.
  • Private Landlord Tenancy Agreement issued by an Estate Agency - must be valid on the day of hire.
  • HP Agreement - which is no more than 60 days old.
  • Life Assurance Policy - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Mortgage statement - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Your last payslip providing it shows your address.
Internet printed documents are acceptable.

Personal correspondence and other papers such as receipts, library tickets, mobile phone bills, HMRC documents, other insurance documents, Benefit & Pension documents, DVLA Issued documents, Tax reminders, V5 Logbooks, etc. are not acceptable.

Driving Licence 'Check Codes'
On 8 June 2015, the photocard paper counterpart stopped being a legal document and the DVLA also stopped updating any old style paper licences. For further information on the changes please click here.
You need to follow this procedure a few days before you come to collect your vehicle, without this we may be unable to validate your licence and you will be unable to hire a vehicle.

- Please visit View Driving Licence online and login using the required details.
- Once logged in, using the top navigation, go to 'Share Your Licence information'.
- Click 'Get Check Code'.
- Click 'View, Print or Save your licence information'.
- You need to print this page and bring it with you.
- You MUST bring this printout, along with your other documents, with you when you come to collect your vehicle.
- If you have any problems in generating a code, you should call the DVLA on 0300 083 0013 (Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm) for further assistance.
This is required for both photo card driving licences as well as paper driving licences issued before 1998.

Please see the video below for further information and guidance in getting your 'Check Code':
Please note that we require the printout mentioned in this video.

Your 5 simple steps to collecting your hire vehicle:
1. Go to the DVLA website, no more than 7 days prior to your hire by clicking here.
2. Follow the instructions to get your PDF of your licence check code and driving history. Print this out.
3. Bring this printout, with your driving licence, national insurance number, credit or debit card along and two forms of identification with you when collecting your vehicle.
4. Read our 'Guide to Having a Smooth Journey', 'Guide to how we use your Personal Data', and our Terms & Conditions.
5. Drive away happy.
Non-UK licence holders hiring a vehicle in the UK are unaffected by this change, although all previous rules still apply.

I have an old style driving licence, so does this affect me?
This change is only for the paper counterpart of the two part plastic licence, not to be confused with a paper driving licence issued before 1998. The pre 1998 licence continue to remain valid but, from 8 June 2015, will no longer be updated. Therefore you will still need to use the "View Driving Licence" service to validate your licence.

How do I gain access to my printed Driving Licence summary?
To obtain your Licence Summary visit View Driving Licence where you can print a PDF. You will need your driving licence number, as well as your National Insurance number and the postcode displayed on your driving licence.

How does this change hiring a vehicle abroad if I hold a UK driving license issued in Great Britain?
You must print a copy of your Licence Summary, obtained from the DVLA, to take with you when driving a vehicle in any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Austria, Armenia, Bahrain, Balearics, Botswana, Canaries, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ireland, Hungary, Libya, Mauritius, Namibia, Oman, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and Tunisia.
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