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Our guide to having a smooth journey

On Collection of your Hire Vehicle

What documentation do I need to bring when I collect my vehicle?
When collecting your vehicle you must bring the following:
  • Your full and valid UK Photocard driving licence. (If you do not have a Photocard Licence a Photo ID is also required.)
  • Your driving licence 'Check Code' (see below). - This must be printed out and supplied with your licence.
  • Your UK National Insurance number.
  • Your approved second form of identification (see below).
  • Your valid credit or debit card.

Identification - showing the drivers name and address.
You are required to supply identification when hiring a vehicle. Alongside your driving licence we require one additional identification document which is dated within the past 60 days which shows your name and your current home address. Acceptable forms of identification are:
  • Utility Bill. - Not Mobile Phone.
  • Bank Statement.
  • Credit Card Statement.
If one of the above is unavailable, two of the following documents are acceptable:
  • Council Tax Bill - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Local Council rent agreement / Rent Book - must be valid on the day of hire.
  • Private Landlord Tenancy Agreement issued by an Estate Agency - must be valid on the day of hire.
  • HP Agreement - which is no more than 60 days old.
  • Life Assurance Policy - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Mortgage statement - which is not more than 12 months old.
  • Your last payslip providing it shows your address.
Internet printed documents are acceptable.

Personal correspondence and other papers such as receipts, library tickets, mobile phone bills, HMRC documents, other insurance documents, Benefit & Pension documents, DVLA Issued documents, Tax reminders, V5 Logbooks, etc. are not acceptable.

Make sure you have read our Already Booked page for the full information on Your driving licence 'Check Code'.

Read your Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions to fully understand your obligations. They're available here.

Read our guide to how we use your Personal Data. It's available here.

Before you set off

Check your Vehicle carefully for damage such as scratches on the bodywork. You will be given an inspection form to complete. Make sure you are happy with its contents before you sign it and set off. It's always a good idea to take photographs of your vehicle on your phone before you set off. - This will help to ensure there are no problems later.

Familiarise yourself with the Vehicle.
Make sure you know where the controls are for the essential instruments such as headlights, horn and hazard warning lights and what type of fuel the Vehicle uses. For further information check the Rental Agreement. Should you require further assistance, please ask before leaving the branch or call 01962 67 00 67.

Whilst on Hire

Driving abroad
We only allow of our Vehicles to be taken overseas with our written consent. You must not travel outside England or Wales without our permission. You will need travel documents for the vehicle to travel abroad. You are responsible for being aware of and complying with the driving laws and regulations in other countries.

Speed limits, fines & penalties
As hirer of the Vehicle you are responsible for it as the owner and will pay for any London Congestion charges, Dart Tunnel charges and any parking fees that may apply during the Hire Period and for any fines and penalty charges that occur because of offences or infringements involving the Vehicle (which include, but are not limited to, parking fines, a failure to pay London Congestion and/or Dart Charge, bus lane penalties, speeding fines, clamping release) and any other traffic offences that occur whilst the Vehicle is on hire to you. Please check out our specific guidance about how to pay for these charges here.

An administration charge will also apply to any fines and/or penalties. Please refer to section 10.2 of the Terms and Conditions for more details.

London, within the M25 & Greater London
If you are travelling within Greater London, you need to ensure that you have paid correct charges or tolls depending on the zone of London you are travelling through. We have a dedicated page to help you ensure you avoid receving any Penalty Charge Notices. Check out our travelling through London page.

It is illegal to smoke in any of our Vehicles. You will be charged a special cleaning fee if you smoke within the Vehicle. Please refer to the Tariff Guide in to the Terms and Conditions for details of the cost.

Been involved in an Accident?
Follow the set procedure detailed on the back of your Rental Agreement. Do not forget to report it to us at the scene by calling us 24/7 on 01962 674 876.

Returning your Vehicle

Early returns
If you return the Vehicle before the return date and time stated on the Rental Agreement then the Hire Period will end when you return the Vehicle to our Branch and hand the Vehicle keys to our agent. We will not refund any unused prepaid daily rental or accessory charges to you.

Reporting damage
Please inform our agent at the time of return if any damage has occurred to the vehicle. We will need to assess the cost of repair and you will be charged for any damage not covered by our insurance or the Collision Damage Waiver, see section 13 of the Terms and Conditions for more information relating to Damage to the Vehicle.

If you are involved in an incident or accident during your hire you must report it at the scene by calling us 24/7 on 01962 674 876.

Late returns
You should always allow plenty of time to get back to our office. The Hire Period is calculated in 24 hour periods, starting from the date and time stated on the Rental Agreement. Should you return after the due time, a new 24 hour period will be invoiced and additional charges will be payable.

Extending your hire period
If you need to extend your hire beyond the agreed date and time, please call us at least 2 working hours beforehand so we can amend your Rental Agreement accordingly. Failure to do so will result in a late check-in fee being applied in addition to the standard daily Rental Charge.

Out of hours returns
Please be aware that we do not allow out of hours returns. Our office is open at least 10 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please ensure you return your vehicle within this period.

Personal belongings
We do not accept liability for any items or personal possessions that you may have left in the Vehicle at the end of the Hire Period. Please be sure to check the Vehicle thoroughly before you return it to us.
For all enquiries and reservations please call us on 01962 67 00 67