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What you should do if you are involved in an accident or incident in a hire vehicle

Accident Procedure
Please follow ALL of the steps below - You must follow this procedure to comply with the terms of your insurance.


Step 1 - At the scene of the accident

Obtain and record the following information:
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Third party vehicle make, model, registration & colour
  • Name and address of third party vehicle owner & third party driver
  • Telephone number of third party (landline & mobile)
  • Number of passengers in third party vehicle
  • Third party insurance company and policy number, if available
  • Nature of damage to vehicles involved
  • Names and addresses of any independent witnesses

Step 2 - At the scene of the accident
  • Take photographs using your mobile phone of the following:
    • Position of Hire Vehicle
    • Position of Third Party Vehicles
    • Road, Signeage & Surrounding Area
    • Site Overview
    • Damage to Hire Vehicle
    • Damage to Third Party Vehicles
  • Or if you are unable to take photographs;
  • Make a sketch of the scene, including: roads, markings, vehicles, and signs.

Step 3 - At the scene of the accident.

Give the third party the following information:
  • Your details, name & address
  • The vehicle registration number
  • Your rental agreement number
  • Our contact details:
  • Telephone number: 01962 674 876
  • Email: info@alcovanhire.co.uk

Step 4 - Immediately after the accident

Inform the rental location by calling our 24/7 emergency line on 01962 674 876.

Step 5 - As soon as possible, but within 48 hours of your accident.

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